Online Optimisation, What You Need To Know

  • Wednesday, 14 October 2009
  • By Dave Wilton
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As a Senior Programmer I am often asked for my professional opinion to do with all things online. One of the key areas of interest fro our clients is online optimisation. Questions range from; search, content strategy, awareness, social sites and how the Google bots really work. There is alot of information out in the marketplace and unfortunately not all is correct. As a result, I have created a series of blogs to explain in greater depth the premise of online optimisation from a programming point of view.

As a three part series, I will be providing our readers with useful and real information on a variety of online topics. Furthermore, I will aim to cover some of the major issues that are currently faced by marketing managers for businesses both large and small. Primarily, I hope to dispel many of the myths surrounding SEO, whilst giving advice for the distribution of content and for increased online brand awareness.

The first installment will be up shortly. Part 1 will highlight some of the common mistakes being made by businesses in their SEO and I will also explore the ways in which SEO can work more efficiently for your business.