How much does a website cost?

  • Tuesday, 1 June 2010
  • By Catheryn York
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The first question we often get asked about a website is "How much does it cost". This question is almost impossible to answer. Alot goes into building a site and it really depends on what business problem you are trying to solve?

So many factors affect the initial cost of a website. Here is just a few:

  • How much information needs to be presented? Will the content require constant updating, if so you may require a content management system which will take time for your staff to utlise. Is it more cost effective to have your agency perform updates?
  • Do you require your website to collect information from users and if so what will you do with that information e.g. send newsletters. 
  • Are there business processes e.g. sales functions, that your require the website to do.
  • Would you like to sell products online, if so, do you want to sell in Australia or internationally? Do you want to sell wholesale and retail?
  • Who builds your site also impacts the cost. Friends or family may do it for you as a favor, but you may not end up with the professional quality you're looking for. Working with a proven team reduces the risk of failure.

So looking at just these few considerations you can easily see that it is impossible to answer this question without us taking a brief and analysing what you require your site to do for you. So first consider what you require from your site then make an appointment with your chosen developer to ensure you are provided with an accurate price and no hidden costs pop up during or after development.