Kustom Strikes the Masses


In 2008 surfwear company Kustom decided that it wanted to isolate itself as the world leader of inspiring and innovative surfing. The Company has done this with much success by launching a mega-campaign/competition to bring ground breaking surfing to the world, the Kustom Aistrike competition is fast becoming one of the most anticipated events in the extreme sports arena. This year’s competition platform has increasingly utilized Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo to communicate the brand, news, surfer videos and other information to thousands of people all over the world. Kai Neville the brain child behind Modern Collective, has directed a four piece entry for the competition named Landscape Altered, which has some amazing footage. This ongoing campaign has successfully created mass brand awareness for Kustom, has given cross promotional opportunities for other brands, is giving something back to the community, and it has also introduced a large community of non-surfers to the brand and the sport through the clever use of digital marketing. If your business is thinking of creating a new campaign, let us design the platform to bring your product or service effectively to the market.