From Top: (1) Exterior view of 19 Karen, (2) Inside the art space, (3) Abigail Whittaker, 'Loneliness is my sign and my star'. 
It can be seen that the Gold Coast lacks a certain art and culture scene compared to that of other Australian metropolitan hubs but the establishment of the 19 Karen art gallery (by Terri Lew & associates) has been a welcome contributor of change for the GC since 2008. 19 Karen has grown quickly in popularity after hosting many events, classes, exhibitions and the venue can also be hired privately. The level of artists has also increased considerably, with established Australian and international artists consistently on display. This weekend sees Abigail Whittaker, a Brisbane-based artist displaying her work with a solo show titled “The Vision Splendid”. It will be a great way to spend a saturday night seems that I can’t be at splendour