Art Harvest

  • Tuesday, 17 May 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Get stuck into ArtHarvest.com.au for a hit of Australia's emerging, art talents. Launched today, the site features profiles of local, unknown artists and their works.

For the Art Fan:
Users can browse and buy a selection of works, with the range currently including; prints, skateboards, laser etchings and wall graphics.

For the Artist:
Artists can apply to have their work displayed and sold through ArtHarvest.com.au - It provides a tailored platform for artists to begin the canonisation of their works.

From ArtHarvest.com.au"We have two main aims at Art Harvest:

(1) To nurture and develop a community where Australian artists and designers gain exposure, promote their artistic efforts and interact with like minded people.
(2) To give people the opportunity to own these unique and limited artistic products at affordable rates.

Get your art on today.