Lego, Imagine

Guess who?

'Intelligent campaign for Lego by Hamburg's Jung von Matt gets you to use your grey cells. Lego blocks reconstructs well known cartoon characters but in a minimalist way.' (creativity-online.com)

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Lego Man Lands Ashore

  • Thursday, 27 October 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Giant Lego Man washes ashore on Siesta Key beach in Florida - Could this be a new marine species?... 

(Image, Jeff Hindman)

World Polio Day

  • Tuesday, 25 October 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Today marks the birth of Jonas Salk, the inventor of the Polio Vaccine. Therefore today also marks World Polio Day, whereby the Polio breakthrough came decades ago in 1955. Since this time the number of Polio diagnoses has decreased by 99% - #almostthere

Though this statistic is impressive, The Gates Foundation is keen to eradicate Polio to the point of 100%. The Gates Foundation has donated $355 million to the cause and hopes that another $200 million can be raised from people like you and me. The video above has been put together by GOOD and The Gates Foundation to inspire people to take action and contribute to the cause.

We're #almostthere, with the eradication of Polio marking the second only disease to disapear. Contribute to the cause now...

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  • Tuesday, 20 September 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Telstra - Today is Amazing.....Tell me that after 35mins on hold.


Keep bustin' holes in the night till she bleeds sunshine

Insight have a new campaign - "Untitled". The cool vid above sums it up and shows you how it cam together. You can read a little more on the background of the campaign and an interview here

BMW - Close your Eyes

Interesting campaign for BMW using after image effects

Youtique Drives Ecommerce

  • Saturday, 2 October 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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Youtube Channels are continuing to be a great form of advertising for companies, especially now that there are opportunities to design fully integrated ad campaigns which link back to commerce sites. The new French Connection Youtique channel does just this, with styling videos, collection videos, social links, and links back to the online store to purchase garments. It is a simple way to drive sales using an additional revenue stream to compliment French Connections tangible sales mediums. (Designed by Poke London). 

From Where You'd Rather Be

Some rather nice Friday afternoon inspiration. I've always loved this campaign, the idea has conviction and really resonates with the consumer. Plus it's a nice and fresh take on the usual humour based beer commercials. Check out the supporting web page for Corona here

A Story With Many Endings.

  • Monday, 6 September 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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A European correctional fluid product (Tipp-ex) has recently launched a very entertaining viral ad campaign with the help of Youtube. The ad allows users to control the ending of the video story using a large number of options, each one as witty as the next. It's a clever microsite with plenty of branding, product usage display and promises to keep the user occupied for longer then average view times. 

Tailgating isnt worth it!

Tailgating of trucks by motorists on the Colorado state freeways is a dangerous practice that has cost many lives. In an effort to stop this the state police launched a campaign that includes traditional billboards, radio, trucks wraps and brochures. The billboard however grabbed us the most attention, this high profile 3D billboard simulates the collision between a car and a truck in a way that actually impacts the billboard itself – complete with the crash of metal and wood. Very innovative and huge impact!

The Ants Don't Stand a Chance

A very well executed outdoor campaign for an American pest control brand named Black Flag. The ad features 3D giant ants which are projected onto the side of a building following a full house Houston Astros night game, running before, during stadium fireworks and after the game while the spectators were exiting the stadium.

Keep That Dream in your Mind

You could be mistaken for thinking that this ad for Coke Burn, is just a beautifully shot short film portraying the feelings that skaters live for on a daily basis. I’ve never seen Mexico City from this perspective before, the lighting is great, very eery and the soundtrack by Lost Acapulco adds to the overall vibe. The film is supposed to be a metaphor for what the burn ‘energy’ drink will do for people who consume the product, which I think they have definitely achieved. 

A Slogan That Never Gets Old

22 Years On and Still Going Strong!

The 18th July 2010, marked the 22nd anniversary of Nike slogan "Just Do It." The tag line was penned by Portland man Dan Wieden of successful advertising agency; Wieden+Kennedy. The Tag line was pitched to Nike execs in an attempt to gain back some much needed market share, from other sporting goods giant, Reebok.

Understandably, Wieden and the Nike execs have never looked back. An idea was born and the notion has been fostered over the last 22 years, as Nike and Wieden+Kennedy continue their relationship.

The slogan encapsulates the brand and works as an emotional driver for consumers. Ie. 'Just Do' exercise. And 'Do It' in Nike apparel. Furthermore, designer of the Air Jordon logo for Nike has said of the tag;

"It was quick, easy, cocky, to the point, and a bit irreverent, all of which Nike is."

Set to go down in advertising history, the slogan has staying power and some might argue that the tag in itself is the largest contributor to Nike's position, as the world's largest sporting goods maker.   

Mr. T for Mastercard

  • Wednesday, 21 July 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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Mr T is having a great run lately off the back of a successful series of Snickers commercials, He is now featuring in a Mastercard commercial. The ad plays on the toughness of Mr T which he is famous for, he plays the character of a personal bodyguard. Once again Mastercard have utlised their long standing “priceless” slogan, in this case, “Knowing someone’s got your back: priceless”. This ad is proof, that a company can use the same format over and over again, with only little changes to certain elements being needed to maintain audience interest. 

I Like Mine Smooth

Gillette have come out with a new commercial which plays on two topics at once. It’s not the first time that a company have used a play on sexual metaphor's to promote their products. Yet I think this is a refreshing take on promoting male shaving utensils. Usually shaving ads are very straight forward and focus only on out takes of a male model in the bathroom giving us a shaving tutorial, this ad doesn’t have either but it still portrays the advantages of being cleanly shaven. It’s a shame I saw this ad because I was planning on growing a beard but I think this campaign has persuaded me to do otherwise. The ad compliments the rest of the "Gillette Survey" ad campaign which can be viewed on youtube

"Smell Like a Man, Man"

This ad has created such a buzz around the world. It’s a very quirky but definitive interpretation of the Old Spice product. Do women really want the attributes described, in a man? I’m not sure, but I’ll ask the ladies around the office and get back to you. One thing is for certain, this fresh ad campaign perfectly matches the feeling which using deodorant should conjure........Fresh! “Smell Like a Man, Man”.

What Is Your Brand Famous For?

Once again Gatorade have made an ad that perfectly targets their core consumers. Through consistently strong communications strategies, Gatorade have made their mark as a drink for sportspeople wanting to replace nutrients and electrolytes during/after strenuous exercise. This new ad campaign features British Olympic (Beijing) cycling gold medalist Victoria Pendleton getting her Gatorade stolen from her by a street/trick rider (Ali C). The ad incorporates many elements including product placement, humour, anger, sport, and footage of two sportspeople at the top of their game. After looking around, the ad has had mixed reviews on the web so far, but I think the ad is entertaining, it has a good message and it also serves as an initial basis of hype leading up to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Focus on One, and Portray it Well.

When it comes to selling cars, a large portion of companies consistently use the same communications method by overloading consumers with vehicle features and price offers in their commercials. Land Rover’s most recent campaign has taken a different tact by focusing on one product attribute (safety) and has designed a portrayal of this feature using humour. The TV commercial shows an employee who has an obsession with samurai swords being asked by his boss to follow him. The boss proceeds to the car park, gets into his new Land Rover Discovery 4 and tells the employee that he is going to have to get rid of all the swords from his office. Land Rover’s “You’ll Feel Safe Inside” campaign obviously depicts that safety is the most important issue for soccer mums to weekend adventurers when choosing a vehicle, and they have succeeded in portraying this using simple humour, and uncluttered dialogue. At Tusk we specialize in brand identity, so contact us if your wanting to change the image of your company.

A Good Road Safety Advertisement

It’s always refreshing to see an advertising campaign that takes a completely fresh approach to the given topic for communication. Usually road safety campaigns employ fear and shock tactics in order to draw on the heart strings of viewers, and this method does work effectively as these types of commercials portray situations that viewers can easily identify themselves with, if they don’t act responsibly. However, in this case the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership wanted to bring a more positive yet educational message to the masses. The ‘Embrace Life’ campaign was directed by Daniel Cox of Rockutainment, who mused that the “Key to the film's creation was to focus on a message that didn't take a conventional route to shock and scare the audience; rather it was my intention to bring the audience in on the conversation of road safety, specifically seat belts, and the best way to do this was to make a film that could engage the viewer purely visually and could be seen and understood by all, whoever they are and wherever they lived." This campaign is already having large success with over 9 million views on Youtube, a rant on Australia’s ‘The Gruen Transfer’, top viewing scores for many online mediums and many other communications mediums. 

Oh and if you're in the 1% to 2% of morons who don't wear a seat belt you really should!... Don't worry I'm now slowly stepping away from the soapbox / blog.

A Curious Story

  • Wednesday, 23 June 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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We were recently presented the latest paper campaign by Arjowiggins from K.W Doggett fine papers and I must say it is beyond what I thought could be achieved with paper. The new campaign was developed to introduce the companies new Metallics, Translucents and Cosmic ranges.

The aim of the “Curious Story” campaign was to introduce designer people to the brand whilst at the same time reinforcing the innovative culture of the brand to current Arjowiggins customers. The “Curious Story” collection follows a girl going on a journey through many worlds, which are depicted by an explosion of different colours, stuctures, forms, textures and sculptures, all of paper origin.

The campaign was awarded two prizes including best commercial website and best printed edition from the French Media and Advertising Magazine. Award winning photographer Gregoire Alexandre has perfectly executed the brief and has breathed a new life into the brand, the campaign could easily work into the pages of Vogue or GQ

Making a Mess is Easy

  • Wednesday, 23 June 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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 Some images from Bounty Paper towels recent advertising campaign. Three words: engaging, entertaining and effective.

Humour Goes Along Way....

  • Wednesday, 23 June 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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Advertisers commonly use humour across all mediums to create laughter, a smile, captivation, and entertainment for viewers. Humourous ads often leave a lasting impact on consumers, resulting in the ad being re-visited consistently when it comes time to buying a product or service from the brands genre.

Some other advantages of humour in advertising include:

  • People pay more attention
  • People are more likely to share funny advertisements with friends and family then other forms.
  • Are easier to remember
  • Creates a good mood and comfortable atmosphere
  • Makes product/service more approachable

If you would like Tusk to create a funny advertising campaign for your business, contact me on sam@tuskagency.com for more information.

Print Ad: Chupa Chups “It’s Sugar Free” campaign. 

Toyota, crisis managed?

What do you do when your a global company who is famous for quality and precision of products but then it all falls apart? I’m talking about Toyota, who over recent months have been battling quality issues in some of their product line whilst at the same time have been criticized by the media and consumers. It’s always a difficult time when companies make large scale mistakes, and it’s the level of contingency planning which will always determine how quickly a company will bounce back. Some important aspects of crisis management include ensuring that you are continually communicating to the public on all matters either positive or negative during the incident, as this blocks the media from spinning too many stories, top management must also make a public stance and not hide themselves from the problem, it is also necessary to ensure the public that you are committed to fixing the problem and rehabilitating the people who are effected. A great example of this is BP who on the backside of the oil drilling mega crisis, have today offered a 20 billion dollar fund to manage the costs of the disaster and also added funds to compensate oil workers and other effected areas. I’m getting off the topic now so back to Toyota. The company have recently completed an advertising campaign which aims to bring back the goodwill for the company, reinforce their commitment to the quality control of production, and also to promote that each worker treats every vehicle they pass on as if it was their own. The slogan for the campaign is “Your Toyota is my Toyota”. The ads have worked effectively on me personally, the pictures taken by Ewen Spencer have really made me believe that Toyota have sorted out their quality issues and they are committed to a defect free future.

MTV Lets Go............

At this time of year, practically the whole world is captivated and engaged with the Soccer World Cup. TV stations who don’t broadcast the event usually fall victim to decreasing viewer numbers and usually just live with it, and move on. However, MTV went against the grain this year presenting an anti-ad campaign to its viewers. The campaign includes a number of random TV ads for different countries, prize draws, related print ads and other communication strategies. This ironic campaign was based on the ideology, “we understand why you aren’t watching MTV”. As MTV targets primarily a market between the ages of 18-24, it was important for the company to acknowledge that the Soccer World Cup was going on and associate their brand with the event. It’s funny that MTV have nothing what so ever to do with the World Cup, yet they have taken on the event from a different angle, highlighted the obsession of soccer lovers, and have a created buzz for both soccer and MTV at the same time. Very Impressive. 

Where are we Headed?

Are the current primary forms of advertising like TV, radio and Billboards going to become, well, tired? It’s difficult to determine because there are a number of companies who are successfully reinventing what can be done with these mature mediums. Yet, it is important to look at where we are headed. I would usually use the term ‘the sky’s the limit’ to explain the possibilities for advertising but companies have been successful pasting their ads on the side of planes for years now. Is it possible that the next trend may be to advertise on banana peels? on manhole covers (re-think of these for advertising purposes)? on trees? This may sound silly but for a long time, successful companies are the ones who are using out of the norm methods like these to effectively reach their target markets. Currently, the technology arena continues to be a popular interface for companies to advertise their products and services, some of the more well known of these options include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Second Life. The primary positives of these options are price factors (sometimes no costs) and the sheer volume of traffic which is sustained on a 24HR, 7 day a week basis. The one thing which is certain, is that advertising trends are never going to be stagnant and thus the future looks very exciting for companies who want their products and services to succeed. For more information on what we can achieve for your advertising and promotional requirements, contact me on sam@tuskagency.com.

'I AM HERE' campaign

Danny Silver HERE and No Longer Homeless

Last month, Danny Silver agreed to literally put himself up on a billboard. The reason he agreed to do this was to raise funds for Mobile Loaves & Fishes a Texas-based mission and in the hope of securing a home for him and his wheel-chair bound wife. With a combination of PR, traditional advertising plus social and mobile media - the campaign was a success. Within 48 hours enouh funds had been raised to get Danny and his wife off the streets and for Mobile Loaves and Fishes to launch an awareness campaign. Donations were made via a text message platform that easily allowed people to make contributions via their mobile phone.

The key drivers to this campaigns success were accessibility, a wise selection of integrated media and at the heart of it all, was an amazing concept. The campaign allowed for a real-time response, whereby people could text in their donations immediately after coming in contact with the media. Additionally to cater for the buzz this campaign sparked online, a payment method was also set up to allow for online donations. The diverse array of above and below the line media combined with smart PR allowed for this campaign to go global and experience real results. And ofcourse, without the campaign concept behind it all, Danny would not have been on that billboard and he would not be HERE in this blog today.

To read more about this campaign, head to AdAge for all the details.   

Nike World Cup "Write the Future" Campaign

The new Nike World Cup "Write the Future" advertising campaign is something of epic proportions. The campaign is the brain child of international advertising firm Wieden + Kennedy, who have successfully created a piece of media which effectively portrays the emotions, hardships, excitement, and social cohesion that the FIFA World Cup is famous for. click here to enjoy the spectacle for yourself!

Tourism Australia - Theres nothing like...

  • Friday, 9 April 2010
  • By Catheryn York
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Recently I attended an event with Gold Coast Media & Corporate Club where Tom Dery, the Worldwide Chairman for M&C Saatchi,  spoke on Tourism Marketing and Destination Branding. Although it was a little focused around a showcase of what Saatchi has done rather than real insight I found it interesting. One point made was that  everyone has an opinion on how best to sell Australia and in particular the Australian people.....when selling Australia, its not to the Australians but to an international market. Therefore understanding what the target audience (overseas market) respond to is whats most important. I completely understood this point as even on small branding projects...everyone has an opinion from the receptionist, to the sales manager, to the managing directors kids...and listening to all these opinions can be detrimental to a successful outcome for the client.

In light of this, recently Tourism Australia revealed that the world will be told “There’s Nothing Like Australia”, a long awaited replacement for the widely criticised Where the Bloody Hell are you campaign.

This new line... “There’s Nothing Like Australia” will be used around the world for the next decade and Tourism Australia are calling on Australians to help fill out the campaign with their own experiences and photos!

Relying heavily on the public to help promote Australia through social networking sites, the campaign will kick off on April 15th with a competition calling Australians to upload photos to a new website and complete the line: “There’s nothing like…”

Tourism Australia

From the Tourism Australia website....

Following last week's announcement of Tourism Australia's new campaign There's nothing like Australia there have been over 15,000 unique visits to the competition site www.nothinglikeaustralia.com. To date there have been more than 275 news articles on the new campaign including broadcast, print and online media. This includes coverage in the major cities as well as regional centres including major tourism regions.


Next week kicks off our advertising promotion of the competition with teaser advertisements starting from 12 April on Channel 9. Activity includes television commercials with Channel 9 celebrities telling their own 'there's nothing like...' stories, and weather sponsorships across Nine's capital city and regional affiliate stations. Promotions with News Limited online and print will start on 18 April, backed up by ninemsn and radio promotions across the Macquarie Network's 62 stations around the country.

Interesting concept and I will be watching this campaign role out with enthusiasm.So do the Australian public know whats best to sell Australia..lets wait and see!

Does the creative sell the product?

I love this ad, its beautifully shot, has captivating music and is all round a lovely piece of work. But unfortunately I cant help but think "beautiful work....wrong message!" Does it actually sell Daylesford? 

Nationwide "Spilled Paint" Advertisement

  • Monday, 10 August 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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I came across this great Billboard which is the latest for Nationwide Insurance in the US. This eight-story advertisement required covering an office building, a nearby parking lot and some cars in yellow paint. Crazy but so effective I love it!

Evian Live Young "Rollerskating Babies"

  • Friday, 17 July 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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I love this campaign...Evian's "Rollerskating Babies" has smashed all previous records for viral video campaigns with 14 million views. It has generated buzz for its cuteness factor, its weirdness factor and, as Visible Measures pointed out, for having multiple creative iterations, many receiving more than 1 million views each. The website was a bit disappointing though as I found it hard to gather information

Effective Cut Through Advertising

This is really cool technology being applied to bus stops in Germany. They change their content when someone is looking at them by using a built-in camera with eye-tracking technology. This allows it to tell exactly when someone is checking it out and changes the content accordingly. This particular ad is an anti-domestic abuse message for Amnesty International. When no one is looking, it shows a man hitting his wife. But when you look right at it, it changes to a picture of the couple looking happy and normal. Effective cut through...

Cool by Association

  • Thursday, 11 June 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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Here is an example of another companies advertising dollars promoting the social giant. In this TV spot for the launch of the Palm Pre, Sprint uses Facebook to show that the social network is accessible and live on the smartphone. The commercial shows a day in the life of a rock vocalist, as her Facebook page gets updated and refreshed throughout the day. Most of the 30-second spot belongs to Facebook, until a voice-over comes on and reveals that the ad is actually for a handset.

This is not the first time we have seen Facebook used to connect the audience with a brand. Apple built an entire 30-second commercial last year around the popular social network, showing how to access and interact with the application on the iPhone.

So is it smart to target Facebook users? Through association with the social-media icon, brands can become immediately relevant to a loyal user base (half of all facebook users log in at least once a day). Brand association has been araound for a long time and if its the right product/service then in a nutshell..Yes. But remember direct association alone is not enough. Brands must deliver on their promises and be viable to succeed in what is a very saturated and educated marketplace.


Microsoft, chipping away

Chipping away at a giant (APPLE), can't be easy. Recent advertising campaign, 'fun up your home' exhibits an out of the box side to Microsoft that their competitor flawlessly exudes time after time. Perhaps they feel that if it has worked so well for Apple, that they too should follow along the same path.

I happen to feel that this is perhaps a misguided step for Microsoft. Mac have claimed their position in the market; they are new, exciting, cutting edge and completely tuned into the culture of Generation Y, Millenials and Early Adopters of every age category. Sure, it's a blow to the gut for Microsoft, after all it's a mighty lucrative slice of the market that they simply won't win over.

The ad simply proves that effective positioning is more important than a cool idea any day of the week...





Amazing Honda

  • Thursday, 4 June 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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I have always admired the work of Wieden + Kennedy and in particular for the Honda account. They have bought us some of the most amazing ads (Remember the Cog video) . And now they bring us the "Let It Shine" campaign. A takeover (together with Vimeo) taken to another level than the usual images running on the side, sponsor logos on the right of the page….This is definitely the best interactive takeover I’ve seen!

Check It Out here
And view the making of it here


Neat little tool, helping you find out your true Mag Colours....

Answer a series of quirky questions to discern the magazine for you.

Follow the link to take the quiz now.

PS: I'm a Yen, Amelia and Q magazine kinda gal.

Levis Paint Campaign

An agency in Brussel's, TBWA, has produced an awesome print ad for Levis paint. The fashion manufacturer has crossed over to interior design, and judging by the ad, they're not doing a bad job.

Swiss Skydive Campaign

Developed for a Skydive company this ad in particular is smart thinking.Giant floor stickers were placed in elevators, replicating the view from the perspective of a skydiver.... when leaping into a city skyscape that is!

The guerrilla campaign attracted much attention and a highly reactive response.


Subliminal What!

  • Wednesday, 25 March 2009
  • By Zoe Bruce
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That's right.... Subliminal Messages.

McDonalds was apparently caught out placing subliminal messages within a television program that they were a sponsor of.

The Iron Chef was viewed by an American boy while he was watching the show on his home computer. As he was viewing the TV show, he thought he saw a red flash. The boy rewound the show and watched once more. Sure that he saw it again, he rewound and slowed the framing down.

There it was. For just one thirteenth of a frame the screen flashed McDonalds!

The idea behind this subliminal message was the hope that people watching this program would see the food on the show, want food themselves and then subconsciously think of McDonalds. Smart move I say, had they of not been caught out of course.

Click Here to watch it play out for yourself on YouTube.


Fitness First - Wait Watching

  • Thursday, 19 March 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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Imagine sitting down and looking up to see your weight splashed across a bus stop for everyone to see! Terrifying I would think. No more living in denial about the size of your waist line thanks to this guerrilla marketing initiative from the health club chain, Fitness First. Unsuspecting commuters in the Netherlands are faced with viewing their body weight up in lights when they take a seat at this Rotterdam bus stop. The brainchild of Netherlands’ agency N=5, the initiative takes the concept of guerilla marketing to a whole new level.

I Dead

  • Tuesday, 10 February 2009
  • By Zoe Bruce
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NSW Police have launched a clever print campaign in an attempt to raise public awareness to the number of teenagers who have died as a result of listening to their iPods. It has reached astonishing levels.

Crystal Castle TVC

  • Thursday, 29 January 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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The Happening

Check out this experiment conducted for the movie "The Happening"...brilliant and freaky!