Etsy has grown to an e-commerce powerhouse, offering a unique platform for the sale and purchase of handmade and vintage goods. Acting as a testiment to the sheer opportunity for sellers, are Etsy's intimate video portraits of their successful contributers. A profile of Rob Ryan has recently been released and offers an insight into his creatity and its outlet - Etsy. View the video >>

Tumblr, A Flexible Platform

  • Monday, 19 September 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Topshop has recently launched their very own Tumblr, giving consumers yet another way to stay in touch with the e-commerce giant. Providing style inspiration, served up daily in a clean and fresh online arena - Topshop now have a reason and an outlet to participate in conversation with their consumers on a daily basis. The Topshop Tumblr works to:

  • Improve brand loyalty 
  • Enhance consumer engagement
  • Spark WOM 
  • Build on consumer retention, and;
  • Better brand recall

As an immediate marketing exercise, Topshop Tumblr ticks all the right boxes, with the longevity of this channel sure to yield an increase in sales. 

AIRWALK - Invisible Pop-up Store

Promoting the return of their 'Jim' shoe, launched 20 years ago, Airwalk looked to an augmented reality app to launch invisible pop-up stores in New York and LA.

The invisible stores rewarded customer loyalty but were also fun and perhaps more importantly exclusive. To access the stores, customers downloaded the app and the went to Venice Beach, LA and Washington Square Park, New York. Once there, they were able to capture the virtual shoes that were linked via GPS to each location on their phone and then be taken to the Airwalk e-commerce site and given a pass code link to complete their purchase.

The exclusivity of the promotion and selective choice of site location aligns well with Airwalk brand. According to Airwalk, the original 'Jim' was launched in the early 1990s as “an ode to the most loved/hated school activities of all time, gym class. It’s an anti-gym shoe worn by students who skip gym and instead go to skate parks.”

With a limited run of 300 pairs and not a huge budget for promotion, the invisible store via the augmented reality app was great way for Airwalk to hit their target (men / women 18 - 26) - also catching the attention of those interested in seeing how the technology worked.

Take a look through the video above - a great idea executed well.


Embrace Your Shape with Aussie Swim Store

As we head deeper into Spring and further away from the cold Winter months, our thoughts start to turn towards Summer. Whether it's long days at the beach or lazy afternoons by the pool, you need to look your best. With so many brands and styles out there though, how do you know what best suits you? What swimwear is going to make you look and feel your best?

With 20+ years of experience in the fashion industry, the team at Aussie Swim Store are here to help. Putting this experience and knowledge to use, Tusk have been at work with them to launch a great new 'product finder' feature to the Aussie Swim Store website.

"Embrace your Shape' is a new feature which guides customer through a simple 3 step interface, inviting users to select areas of their body and how they would like their swimwear to 'assist' with these areas. Once the selections have been made, specific information and advice is provided along with direct links through to the product categories in the online store so that customers can purchase from a range of products that meet their needs.

As developers, our goal was to create a beautifully designed user interface whilst also keeping the user process as simple as possible. Too complicated and we run the risk of increasing the drop-out rate, too simple and we don't provide the right level of detail. All the options, advice and recommended products are managed through the general site CMS - so all the content can be managed directly and instantly by the Aussie Swim Store team.

So with Summer getting closer, give it a go - you may just learn a thing or two about what works best for you.

Scody - eCommerce website

We've been working with the team at the Scody label for a few years now, they've been one of our long term clients and are a dynamic brand to design for. We've recently completed an overhaul of their ecommerce site, which was originally developed for the company way back in 2006. Since then, Tusk have completed some pretty major additions along with a reskin in late 2007 and now the latest incarnation in 2010. The site has been upgraded, with the goal being to provide a plethora of new marketing and communication features which the Scody team can use to their advantage.

So if your after some quality gear for your active lifestyle, the new range is online and available now. For exploration of the innovative new Scody platform, visit www.scody.com.au.

E-Commerce -Is it for you?

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling of goods and services over the internet and related computer networks, and this commerce option has become a large phenomenon for businesses and individuals alike. For businesses in particular, an e-commerce solution acts as a complementer for the organisations tangible product sales tools, and in many instances e-commerce sales now account for a large portion of company profits. It can be seen that the rise of E-commerce utilisation is due to advantages such as: it allows business transactions to take place without the barrier of time or distance, the direct cost of sales is less, presents simple and convenient processes for customers, ideal for selling niche products, it is a cost effective means of doing business and it sometimes allows for a reduction of personnel required.

These reasons might excite you very much and inspire you to want one for your own business. However, it is important to understand that the online shopping arena is fast becoming as competitive as in the real world. Therefore, at a minimum, the following is some important points on how you as a business owner can ensure that your E-commerce tools are effectively operating in the e-marketplace. 

Must Add

  • Be unobtrusive - no account login required and NO unnecessary steps 
  • I want to see it - ensure more then one photo for each product and high resolution 
  • Give them options - add more payment options E.g. PayPal
  • Help and security - include shipping rates on the basket page, or a link to them, customer reference number, information on delivery time.

Search Engine Optimisation (necessary inclusions)

  • URL's 
  • Meta 
  • Titles
  • Sitemap
  • Google Sitemap 
  • Headings
  • Homepage 
  • Product Descriptions 
  • Other tools E.g. Blog 

The Up Sell - would you like fries with that?

  • Link associated products 
  • Others also bought this information  
  • Promotions (spend limit or enter code, discounts: percentage off or freight)

Less is More

Lastly, you can't sell everything at once, too much information can overwhelm the customer, keep it simple!

Hopefully these tips will help you to create an E-commerce solution. Contact us for more information and check out some of the sites we have built Unit Riders and AussieSwimStore

Businesses getting a quick payback from ecommerce

  • Thursday, 10 September 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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Came across this article today. Heres a quick snapshot:

Sensis 2009 e-Business Report has found that most Australian small businesses are getting a quick pay-back on their ecommerce investment.Released late last month, the 14th edition of the Sensis e-Business Report details results from interviews with more than 1800 Australian small businesses about their IT and online spending.

Report author, Christena Singh, said that this year Australian small businesses had cut their spending on computer hardware.
“At the same time, businesses have begun focussing on online technology, becoming more creative with the way in which they market their products and services online, and more adventurous with the technology they buy.”
She said this year’s survey found 33% of small businesses doing email marketing, and 24% doing some form of digital marketing such as advertising on a portal or a search engine. 19% also said they are now using online auction sites.

Specifically, the SMEs interviewed said that a website increased their effectiveness, by:
• Informing people about the business (18 per cent);
• Increased awareness (11 per cent);
• Exposure to a broader market (10 per cent);
• Easier for people to access (10 per cent);
• More enquiries (nine per cent);
• Extra sales (eight per cent).

For more information  download a copy of the report


Australians and Online Shopping

  • Tuesday, 2 June 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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I came across this interesting article regarding Australians and their online habits.

In comparison to other parts of the world, Australians online shopping is an obvious area of difference. According to data collected by Hitwise, visits to shopping classified sites accounted for 5.93% of Australian online visitor numbers for the week ending 9 February 2008, significantly less than the 9.54% in the US and 9.61% in Britain.

In fact, Australia was the only country out of the three where social networking took the single biggest share of web visits – 8%. Social networking was also popular in the US and Britain but, with 9.18% and 7.615 respectively, ranked behind shopping site visits in each of those countries.

But while we spend less time looking for bargains we appear to spend more time getting informed – news and media sites accounted for 6.75% of visits for the week ending 9 February, well above 3.97% in the US and 4.63% in Britain.

In terms of particular content categories, bank websites were the most popular on 4.53% market share, ahead of software on 3.86%, education and reference on 2.63% share, and travel on 2.56%.