QClash6 // Facebook App

The latest installment in the growing Gold Coast SUNS v Brisbane Lions rivarly happens this weekend with QCLash6 at the GABBA. In the lead up to the game, TUSK were commissioned to develop to Facebook application to enagage fans and promote the game. With the app sitting on both the SUNS and Lions Facebook pages, fans are encouraged to get behind their team and 'Kick a Goal' with some pretty cool prizes up for grabs. With only a couple of days to go, get involved, show your support and kick a goal for your team.

Gold Coast SUNS fans - click here
Brisbane Lions fans - click here

QClash6 - Brisbane Lions v Gold Coast SUNS - TUSK Agency


QClash Facebook App

Heading into this weekend's QClash between the Gold Coast SUNS and Brisbane Lions at Metricon Stadium, TUSK we are ask to develop a Facebook application that could allow the supporters of each club to compete by pledging their support and voting for their favourite team. The 'QClash Tug of War' was developed to sit on both the SUNS and Lions respective Facebook pages, as supporters vote the tally presents the amount of votes each team has received. Participant votes are shared to their Facebook wall announcing their support for their chosen team. A great prize pack is on offer with the chance to win 4 tickets to the Virgin Lounge (we'll see you there), a club merchandise pack and be involved in a on-field contest prior to the match on game day.The app has fuelled the developing rivalrly between the two clubs and provided an outlet for supporters to get behind their team in the lead up to the game.

Feel like taking part? Get in quick as the comp closes 5pm Thursday 19 July.

Gold Coast SUNS supporters > Click Here
Brisbane Lions supporters > Click Here

QClash - TUSK Agency

Guide to Facebook Timeline

  • Tuesday, 13 March 2012
  • By Maria Boskovski
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As you’re probably aware, the new Facebook profile ‘timeline’ is currently available worldwide and will be applied to all user profiles, including pages, on March 30th. We are quite fond of the changes - Here’s a simple guide to help you jump aboard.

The new layout boasts three new features; cover, stories and apps, we’ve provided a brief overview of each below:

Your cover photo is a wide open header, which allows you to upload an image that best represents your brand. You can maximise the effect by featuring your promotions, campaigns or an image that best speaks to the essence of your brand.

Stories allow you to share and foreground your most important brand milestones, updates and events, allowing you to pick and choose the content that is visible to your fans. Additionally you can use the ‘star’ function to emphasize your top stories and then place them strategically throughout your timeline. Check out Cokes timeline (http://www.facebook.com/cocacola) which spans back to the 1800’s.

Facebook apps are still available, only now they’re front and centre at the top of your page. The apps space allows you to promote different areas of your business and provides a level of interactivity for your fans. Create video, career, gaming, event apps and more, plus prompt greater engagement levels from your fans through customised thumbnail images.

Jump aboard, find out more
Check out our timeline

Gold Coast SUNS // Facebook

Gold Coast SUNS Facebook - TUSK Agency

 With social media playing an increasingly crucial role in how brands communicate with their audience, TUSK been working closely with the Gold Coast SUNS to ensure the communication through their social media channels is not only accessible and informative but presented in a way that is fresh and entertaining as well.

We've recently developed a series of custom Facebook pages focussing on the club, membership and merchandise. These pages have been developed specifically to utilise the existing GC SUNS website CMS (a system TUSK custom built) so that the content of these Facebook pages can be easily managed by SUNS staff through their existing website admin. We've also integrated a news feed which pulls content directly from the website as it's updated and a real time 'membership' tally counter, again which is updated through the website CMS. Image sliders have been incorporated allowing multiple promotional messages to rotate through a main banner area. Another temporary page currently hosts a 'Disney Live' video competition - featuring a video and online entry form - if Disney is your thing, try your hand at winning some tickets to the show.

Jump over to the Gold Coast SUNS Facebook and check it out - click here

Jupiters Hotel and Casino Social Campaign

Jason Derulo is headed to Australia for his biggest solo tour yet. Proud partners, Jupiters Hotel and Casino are offering his avid fans the opportunity to win the ultimate Jason Derulo concert experience. In order to enter, fans must simply upload a video of themselves (and their friends if they wish) singing / dancing to their favourite Jason Derulo tune. Videos are then voted on by the public, whereby the video with the most votes will win 10 tickets to the concert + 5 twin share rooms at Jupiters Hotel and Casino!

The competition is run via a social application, incorporating the following:

  • Fan Gate prompting users to 'like' the Jupiters Hotel and Casino page - Increasing the database for future marketing activity.
  • Advertising and Social Share Tab, used to promote the competition to users and to encourage their participation and sharing of the campaign.
  • Entry Dashboard allows for users to upload, track and share their video/s.
  • Voting Panel, sticky area displaying all entries, viewer window, vote and share functionality. 

TUSK has worked with a third party facebook application partner in order to enable the customisable content for this campaign. All assets have been embedded into the facebook page itself, creating a unique and highly sociable campaign experience. 

Take me to the campaign >>

Twitter Stories

  • Thursday, 3 November 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Submit, share and be inspired by @Twitterstories. The new website, stories.twitter.com, demonstrates the sheer power of the online, twittersphere community. One particular story of note come from Chris Strouth who found himself in need of a Kidney transplant. After tweeting 'Sh*t, I need a kidney' Chris was met with 19 offers to test transplant compatability and ultimately a new kidney from acquaintance Scott Pakudaitis. To take a gander at this story and others, head to the new site now >>

You can also follow us on Twitter if you like, come say hi  - www.twitter.com/tuskagency

Social Media Around the World 2011


Interested in the effect of social media? Consult this 167 page presentation for usage insights, consumer behaviour information, adoption patterns and more. 

Social Management

Finding tools to assist with the management of social marketing can be an arduous task in itself. We recently stumbled upon this little gem, WebTrends which provides management tools and metrics for mobile, social, web and more. From scheduling in facebook posts to comparing your page with competitors, this management and analytical tool boasts an array of useful features. Want some help managing your social assets?... Take a look now >>

Want It?

Like? Share? Want?... That's right folks, welcome the 'want' button. The 'want' button will be available across facaebook, as a bookmark button in your browser, on your website, as an iphone app + more. To find out about all 'want' button applications, click here

Plug It In! Facebook Introduces the 'Send' Button

Read about the latest plugin to hit facebook, the 'send' button. Featured below is an article released by WildfireApp.com, 25th April 2011. 

"Facebook has announced the release of a new open graph tool, the “Send” button, which joins the “Like” button as a social utility across the web. Right on the heels of the 1 year anniversary of the “Like” button, which has been integrated into over 2.5 million websites to date, the “Send” button will enable sharing content from the web with specific sets of people.

What is the “Send” button?

The Send button is a social plugin that, like the “Like” button, websites can use to let users broadcast information they’re consuming on the web to their friends on Facebook. The “Send” button is different from the “Like” button in that “Send” enables private sharing. Where a user hitting the “Like” button within a website publishes a feed post of this activity to his entire list of friends via his public newsfeed, hitting “Send” will enable that user to instead choose the exact people he’d like to share the content with. This linked content can be sent via Facebook message, email, or posted right into a specific Facebook Group’s wall. This addition to open graph sharing abilities will enable greater private sharing and more social sharing among groups of friends. Facebook is already calling it “the easiest way to privately share things with groups and individuals.”

From Facebook:

The Send button is a social plugin that websites can use to let people send a link to a friend through Facebook Messages, post it to a Group, or email it to an individual. For example, if you see a Mother’s Day gift idea on 1-800-Flowers.com, you can now send a message or email to your family members to discuss. Or say you’re training for a marathon and you come across a great article about running shoes on The Huffington Post. Now you can share it with your entire running group in just one click."

Facebook vs Twitter

Tweet Types Ideas

Coming up with content on a regular basis for your brands Twitter account can be difficult, and the 140 characters doesn’t make it much easier. Here is some ideas for updates to  help drive engagement and buildup your followers.

  • RT (ReTweets): This is a great way to build followers. Retweeting someone is a great way to get them to follow you.
  • Quotes: As long as they represent the brand and image you want to promote.
  • Company info (new features, clients, etc.).
  • Newsletters and blog articles.
  • Facts / Stats: People love quick stats and these have been found to be the most frequently shared offline as well as online.
  • Conversational @ replies: This builds the feeling of community and reminds your followers that there is a person behind the brand.
  • Questions / Polls: Helps drive engagement and sharing.
  • Stuff you love: Sharing interests etc.. which in-turn helps to build the personal connection.
  • Giveaways / Special Offers: The number 1 way to attract new followers and drive high engagement
  • Customers / Clients / Partners: All great sources of content and retweets. 

So there is just a few....let us know of any others to add to the list!

White People Will Laugh at This.

  • Wednesday, 21 July 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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Stuff White People Like is a satiric and hilarious blog describing what left wing, middle class Caucasians enjoy. Christian Lander’s concept was bound to be a success from the beginning with it’s simple but catchy title, matched with stories that are so well thought out and socially accurate. Random House caught on quickly to how successful this brand could become, by publishing a book, stuff white people like: the definitive guide to the unique taste of millions, which has had much success. Christian Lander now offers bespoke, Stuff White People Like t-shirts for all the articles he’s ever written. Stuff White People Like is laugh out loud writing and is a great example of how a concept which established itself on a social platform can turn into a internationally popular multi-dimensional brand. 

Are You Prone to Brands?

"Extracurricular" Activity

It looks as though my age category is particularly prone to "extracurricular" content from brands... Should I be worried?

A recent study has found that if you login to Facebook before checking your emails of a morning, then you are at a higher risk of brand engagement. Meaning that content and promotions directed toward us from brands are not only received by us, but welcomed. However if you are one of the studious folk who sit down at your desk, turn on your computer and filter through your emails before your Facebook notifications, you qualify as being more task-orientated.

I'm not here to pass judgement, but perhaps if you fall into the former category, you should keep this information well and truly hidden from your boss.

To read more on the study performed by ExactTarget, head to Mashable for a summary of the findings.   

Facebook: “Become a Fan” to “Like”

Recently the news broke that Facebook was planning to change the language around Fan Pages from “Become a Fan” to “Like.”, which has now happened. On April 19 the first group of language changes were released. So what does this mean to you?  To start with its important to know that the change is purely in wording, and won’t affect the functionality of your Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook already uses the term “Like” for users who are indicating their interest in their friends’ posts, feeds, pictures, and updates so it is not a foreign term to Facebook users.. In fact, Facebook has done research analysing use of the “Like” function, and shown that users click the term nearly twice as often as they click to “Become a Fan” of any page. 

Similar to how Facebook users can declare that they “Like” Facebook news feeds, statuses, photos, and similar items, soon they will be able to state that they “Like” your Facebook Fan Page, instead of choosing to “Become a Fan.”

This could be great news for your Facebook Fan Page, making it easier to build your fan base, if the Facebook users are more comfortable committing to the “Like” button on your company profile over the previous “Become a Fan” button. Additionally, in newsfeed form, we will begin to see statements like “John Smith likes Tusk,” instead of “John Smith became a Fan of Tusk.” So theres no need to panic it looks to simply be a language change and we should not see any effects for your pages.

Social Prowess Upon Us

  • Monday, 21 December 2009
  • By Zoe Bruce
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 I have seen it in movies before, but I have never really understood the hype that goes with UK's music charts over Christmas. According to dwellers of the region, attaining the number 1 song at this time is an esteemed privilege. So important infact that the UK's version of Australian Idol - 'X Factor' has had their talent secure number 1 position for the last four years running.  The hit TV show airs the finale the week before Christmas and the winner releases an already highly popular cover song, assuring the artist high sales volume and.......... Voila, a number one song just in time for the Chrissy charts. 

Couple Tracy and Jon Morter established the Facebook Group 'RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE FOR CHRISTMAS NO.1' in order to combat the lost lustre of the Christmas charts. Tracy was noted as saying;"We just wanted the festive chart to be exciting again."The group encouraged its members, approximately 1 million, to download the track 'Killing In The Name' between the 13th and 19th of December. An astonishing 502,000 downloads were achieved and secured Rage Against The Machine the number one Christmas chart position and two new records - the first download-only track to make it to number one and the most British downloads in one week!!

Tusk has spent 2009 very excited about the viable prospects of social marketing. To view Rage Against The Machine as a brand, their success through Facebook is undeniable. In terms of brand awareness, loyalty, PR and sales, the band has reached astronomical heights through an amateur, underground social campaign. 

2009 has been a turning point in our minds as to the positive results that can be accessed via a multitude of social mediums. In 2010, we hope that each of our clients will seek to harness the power of Social Networks and implement at least one aspect into their own Integrated Marketing Campaign. 

Watch the video for RATM, 'Killing In The Name' below:

Link Facebook to Twitter

  • Monday, 7 September 2009
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Facebook now allow for Twitter users to link their accounts together. This new integration allows for seamless updates to occur between a users Facebook page and their Twitter page. It was Twitter who first allowed for this integration to occur, however the nature of Twitter does not particularly suit the Facebook environment. For example, Twitter users update their status multiple times per day, whereas Facebook users tend to post updates far more sporadically. The primary function of Twitter is to communicate progress, changes, news and even moods on a moment-to-moment basis. Conversely, Facebook provides a means to stay in contact with friends and to share with the community. It is the difference between the functions of each that interferes with the appeal of linking FROM Twitter TO Facebook.It is therefore far more exciting to hear that users of each can now link FROM Facebook TO Twitter. As posted on the Facebook Blog, on the 21st of August:

"If you manage a Facebook Page, you now will be able to decide whether to share updates with their Twitter followers, and you also will be able to control what type of updates to share: status updates, links, photos, notes, events or all of them. If you have multiple Pages, you will have the option to link each of those Pages to different Twitter accounts."

With that said, social marketing via Twitter and Facebook can now become a more seamless process. In order to set up the link between a Facebook page and a Twitter account, follow these 3 easy steps below:

1. Visit http://www.facebook.com/twitter

2. Here you will be asked to grant Facebook access to your Twitter account. Permission can be revoked at any stage thereafter by changing your Twitter account settings. You can also unlink a page at any time by visiting the aforementioned link. The accounts will be automatically linked once access has been granted.

3. The last remaining step is to complete the checklist according to the type of Facebook content that you would like to appear on Twitter. This list will include - status updates, photos, links, notes and events. As this is the 3rd and final step, the process will now be complete and you can start enjoying the ease and benefits.



15 Minutes of Fame

  • Thursday, 27 August 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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Google and YouTube are announcing that they’re rolling out the YouTube Partnership Program, an advertising revenue sharing program, to regular people like you and me. Basically, individual videos that become widely popular, amass a ton of views, and abide by YouTube’s TOS will be eligible to earn revenue share dollars.

YouTube states.....“To determine whether a particular video is eligible for monetization, we look at factors like the number of views, the video’s virality and compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service. If your video is eligible for monetization, you will receive an email and see an “Enable Revenue Sharing” message next to your video on the watch page, as well as in other places in your account.”

After you’ve enabled revenue sharing, YouTube (YouTube) will sell ads opposite your video and pay you via Google Adsense on a monthly basis. Note however that individual video partnerships are US-only for the time being.

10 Tips to become part of the conversations

  • Monday, 10 August 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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  1. LISTEN: Always pay attention to what people are talking about in your market. You can set up alerts for this!
  2. INTERACT: Build trust around you. After you listen to people’s problems interact with them and try to offer them a solution.
  3. LISTEN SOME MORE: See if your actions were successful.
  4. PROVIDE QUALITY: Be a constant provider of quality information: either content or suggestions (tips, advice)
  5. BE READY TO MANAGE CRISIS: You have to expect that not everyone will like you and be positive about your brand. If someone is negetive, it's a good idea to already have a plan in place of how to react.
  6. BE THE STARTER: Sometimes start conversations.
  7. DONT SPEAK BADLY OF ANYONE: eventually it will turn against you.
  8. BE SINCERE: This is valid on all social networks. If you are planning to post direct sales make it clear in your profile. Otherwise people will start to ignore you.
  10. ADD SOMETHING: If you are entering a conversation add something to it.

Start a Lie!

  • Wednesday, 5 August 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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I came across this website today and it reinforced just how damaging social PR can be for brands, or in this case an industry. The bottled water industry has had a lot of negetive PR around it of late and this is just another blow for them. Start A Lie is a very simple and viral website that encourages users to start their own lie about the bottled water industry, stating "if they can lie so can you..." Users either submit their own or choose one from the list. When they submit they choose the social network of choice and its done....This is all courtesy of the people at Tappening.com
I say good on them if bottled water is as bad as they say it is then the bottled water companies need to do something about it!

Russia ranks first in social network engagement

  • Saturday, 18 July 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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A report by ComScore revealed Russia is the world’s leader in online social network engagement. The report looked at 40 individual countries and their total online population and then compared that to the number of people who use social networks. Russia ranked number one with 59 per cent, or 18.9 million people, visiting a social network at least once in April.

This surprised me as I assumed the likes of the US would be a leader in social network penetration because of the prevalence of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and MySpace, into their culture. The US however ranked ninth in the study, well behind countries such as Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico and Spain.

The report shows of the 1.1 billion Internet users in the world, 734.2 million are using social networks. This means 65 per cent of the world’s online population is accessible - for free - via their social network of choice. Amazing!

2009 Facebook Demographics

  • Friday, 17 July 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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According to Facebook’s demographics and statistics directly from their Social Ads platform there has been a staggering increase in the number of 55+ users - with total growth of 513.7% in in the last six month alone.

Additional top insights:

  • 70.8% increase in total users over the last six months.
  • 54.6% of users are female

Interestingly the statistics found that there are 16.5% less high school users, and 21.7% less college users. There have been rumors that these younger user groups are being aliented by their parents joining the service, and this data seems to prove it.

Shaq on Twitter

  • Monday, 22 June 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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Did you know that Shaquille O’Neal’s has a twitter account? The_real_shaq Twitter account has 1.3 million followers.An article regarding the setup of the account (yes he didnt do it himself) stated that "Getting started was not that difficult. We just needed to get Shaq plugged into Twitter and set him loose. He quickly gathered a following because of his authenticity. (“Shaq has zero ability to fake anything. He’s transparent and genuine.”)" After a few months, Things got more interesting when the agency collaborated with Shaq on an idea: what if he used Twitter to give the world more than his ideas and random observations? This resulted in: “random acts of Shaqness,” in which Shaq uses Twitter to do good deeds for fans such as offering free tickets to basketball games. If you’re lucky enough to catch the right tweet from Shaq at the right time, you stand a good chance of meeting him at a food court somehwere, and you could pick up a free ticket. Great Idea!

Kate Miller Heidke, Facebook

A bit of a rude warning about the harm that can be done by pushing the boundaries of Facebook and Twitter too far. As Kate sings of her personal facebook barriers, we examine the limits brands should also abide by in the online arena. When creating a business pressence on Facebook, companies must ensure that their interaction will be well received by the online community.

Some of the more common Social Networking mistakes, made by businesses include:

Talking the Talk

It is important to make sure you speak to suit your environment. Remember you are not speaking to colleagues, suppliers or executives... You are speaking to real people who are 'hanging out' online. If they have accepted your companies friend request, it is important to respect your consumers within THEIR environment and to employ a more casual and light tone.

A Blank Canvas Craves Attention

Think of your Facebook page as a blank canvas. It's an opportunity to show consumers the personal side to your business. The one with real people at the helm who have real ideas and passion. Your Facebook page provides you with many tools to convey a company culture, this should be embraced by your Facebook administrator.

Nobody Likes a Show Off

Sure, as a business page you should use Facebook to showcase your brand ethos and personality, but blatant boasting won't get you anywhere. I still cringe when I see friends who post photo's of themselves taken by them...arm up, camera angled down and pout....!! Unfortunately their 'blue steel' doesn't quite hit the mark. Use your page to build trust, rapport and relationships with both active and prospective consumers.

Keep it Interesting

Mix it up. Engage with your Facebook friends. Offer them something of interest via varied forms of media. Share videos, post links, send updates, create events, upload photo's, import blog notes.... the list goes on and on. Remember, users like things to be fresh and regular.

Setting off a viral reaction takes time, effort and good ideas. Persevere - the nature of the online is hit and miss however the rewards are well worth it.


Carl Jr. & User Generated Content

  • Thursday, 11 June 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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User Generated Content (UGC) is a real buzz word among marketers and agencies so I thought Id give you an example of it in action. For their new Portobello Mushroom Six-Dollar Burger ad campaign, Carl Jr. will use UGC from popular YouTube faces. This is not the first time they have thought outside the box or tried something risky (remember the Paris Hilton car wash).

In this campaign Carl’s Jr. has used nine YouTube celebrities who combined have 3.8 million YouTube subscribers, 590,000 followers on Twitter and 25,000 Facebook fans (according to Adweek). Thats a whole lot of audience to reach.

In implemeting this campaign Carl’s Jr. only brief to the YouTube stars was to mention the burger, tell viewers how they eat their burgers, and then pose the question to the viewers. This freedom allowed the YouTube stars to do the video in their fashion to reach their audience, while encouraging viewers to take part in the fun with a video response of their own truly making this a social campaign.

Now lets look at the ripple effect this could have...firstly viewers will willingly watch these video ads. Secondly, there is a good chance that viewers will then watch the other YouTube celebs’ videos (That equates to nine watched Carl’s Jr. ads per user!). Thirdly, they will then compare and discuss the ads amongst themselves. And finally some will create and distribute their own video responses...I think the you get the picture.

I am looking forward to seeing the results of this campaign and will keep you posted...in the meantime have a look at the ads yourself.


Visual Guide to Twitter

Click on image for larger version...


Into the Twittersphere

  • Thursday, 14 May 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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Viral Marketing gone wrong

  • Wednesday, 13 May 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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There has been alot of talk in the industry about the failure of Social Marketing / Viral activities as more and more companies get caught up in the Buzz of what it can offer. Of note is the Witchery Man Campaign. Here’s Adam from Naked explaining how they got it wrong.