Exhibiting at a Tradeshow?

  • Wednesday, 13 May 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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Exhibiting at a trade show is a significant investment in time, effort and money so here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Take advantage of free exposure, such as the exhibitor listing in the show directory and on the website. It’s free. It’s exposure to visitors who can become customers. Make sure you’re present and accounted for.
  • Include your booth number in advertising you are running leading up to the show.
  • Avoid poor booth signage. Treat signage as an integral part of your booth design. Study your booth from all angles to be sure your company’s name is visible from whatever approach visitors might take.
  • Avoid poor booth access. A well-designed booth allows entry/exit through at least two points and is laid out to be conducive to an easy flow of traffic.
  • Train booth staff to interact well with visitors. Thats why they are there. Too many spend time chatting with eachother, stand around looking bored, or collect promotional material from other booths to take home to the kids.


Many companies dont attend tradeshows with clear objectives and strategies to acheive them. Here are some ideas:

  • Review the pre-registered list and highlighted people you would like to meet. Arrange set appointment times with them. If you are unsuccessful in acheiving this always name badges of booth visitors. When you spot someone on the list, introduce yourself and make that person aware you’re familiar with him/her or his/her company.
  • If your target already works with another manufacturer or vendor dont be afraid to talk to them about your product’s features. Everyone wants to maintain a competitive edge, and your product may be just the one to acheive this for them.
  • Be engaging, knowledgable about your product, and interested in your visitors company / services / products. Position yourself as wanting to be more of a partner than a vendor.