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Following on from a successful showing at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and leading into the Sydney International Boat Show TUSK have continued to work closely with Maritimo on a broad range of projects across print, digital, social and video. The 'Crafting Dreams' website being once such project. With a tight deadline of only 4 days, TUSK were able to have the small website developed and live, populated with content to provide a platform for Maritimo's audio visual content prior to the show.


Maritimo M58 - TUSK Agency

Maritimo S50 - TUSK Agency

Maritimo M45 - TUSK Agency

Wayfinding Signage

Beautiful wayfinding signage here for the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto from the guys at Claan


We're Hiring

Yes, we're hiring! TUSK are currently looking to fill 3 positions:

Graphic Designer // Gold Coast
Digital Designer // Melbourne
Web Developer // Melbourne

Sound like you or someone you know? Then check out our Careers page for more info >  click here

Hiring - TUSK Agency


The Golden Sans Project explores the Gold Coast’s iconic, hotels, motels and residential type based signage. Type which has stood the test of time; type which has forged the identity of the Gold Coast, and type which is eternally etched into the memories of anyone who has called the Gold Coast home.

You can follow the project at the social links from the website, with the full site set to launch August 2013.

visit goldensans.com.au