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CCC Remember This Campaign


Canterbury NZ Teamwear


  • _Campaign Strategy
  • _Campaign concept & applications
  • _Campaign Planning
  • _Art Direction
  • _Copy Writing
  • _Logo, identity & livery
  • _Website development & maintenance
  • _Social media development & implementation
Ahead of the 2013 school year, Canterbury NZ required a new campaign to drive loyalty for the “School Leavers” Market. After years of dominance in this market space increased competition meant Canterbury NZ needed to remain relevant to the youth demographic and create a legion of loyal followers for the brand.

A first for the retail giant, TUSK selected social media as the driving force for their ‘Remember This’ School Leavers campaign. Hosted at the campaign interacts with Instagram and asks School Leavers to capture their day-to-day school moments; tag them on instagram with #cccrememberthis; vote, share and win. Additionally a myriad of supporting collateral was created - driven from a purpose photo shoot - aimed at reconnecting with their market and improving Canterbury NZ’s relevancy in 2013 and beyond.

The "Remember This" campaign launched in April 2013 across Digital platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & mini-site. Additional collateral includes the brochure (available both in print and online), swing tags, School Kits on engaging with the campaign, & competition activation.