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Corporate Brand 2012


Gold Coast Suns


  • _Art Direction
  • _Copy Writing
  • _Brand Application
  • _Sales Tools
Corporate hospitality stands out in tough market.

The Gold Coast SUNS market corporate hospitality for its 11 home games during the AFL Premiership season. A range of options are available in many facilities and clear communication and marketing tools are required for the sales team to effectively sell the packages.

The Gold Coast SUNS was entering its second year and in a very tough local market needed to continue to build on the success of its inaugural year in the AFL competition. The corporate hospitality market is severely depressed and the SUNS needed to stand out in a crowded market.

Strategy / Solution
TUSK worked with the SUNS to develop a new identity for the offering which was separate but related to the existing SUNS brand and created a high impact series of tools for the sales team including brochures and revised ticketing designs.