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Brand Naming, Strategy & Activation


The Salty Croc


  • _Brand platform / positioning strategy
  • _Naming process
  • _Logo, identity & livery
  • _Brand implementation across all touchpoints
  • _Brand guidelines
The environment of Dubai is one that fosters multiculturalism along with luxury goods and services. Dubai is a transient place which connects the Northern and Southern hemispheres. As a result, Dubai is a population of people from all walks of life that caters to a diverse range of food and beverages. An opportunity existed to create something uniquely different that could be embraced by the residents of a market saturated by selections. An Australian themed restaurant was the goal. The first restaurant was to open in Dubai with other Middle East locations to follow suit, therefore the brand needed to be easily replicated.

From a foreign perspective there is a level of sensitivity that must be respected when dealing internationally. This presented the primary challenge, whereby secondary market research was undertaken. Research lead to the identification of UAE market sensitivities, product category competition and market requirements, i.e. the role dining plays in the culture of the region. Further to this, research assisted in the brand development and positioning phase. Questions arose such as: what market position can be claimed - high or low end, will the brand represent high or low quality, what awareness of Australia exists and is the market perception of Australia positive or negative. The challenge faced was to create a unique, credible and emotionally engaging brand experience, one that would experience positive market reception.

Following on from the research phase was the development of a brand identity that embodied Australian style cuisine, whilst still appealing to the market of Dubai. In order to effectively communicate the product offering, an iconic and identifiable name was developed, "The Salty Croc." The brand essence was shaped by the name and positioning strategy whereby a high quality, family orientated, Australian themed restaurant was developed.